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Thunderbirds Are Now! and Rahim

Sunday, August 21; the Hi-Pointe (1001 McCausland Avenue)


Thunderbirds Are Now! has earned that exclamation point. If there were a post-(pop)-punk category in record stores, TAN! would be its biggest sellers. The guitars are angular, the synth sounds are store-bought, and the pace rarely falls below 200 beats per minute. The band's second album, Justamustache, has enough punky, sharp songs to cause a rash, while the infectious urgency of its songs will keep ears perked. TAN! is well-seasoned enough to earn a spot alongside the Hold Steady and Les Savy Fav on the French Kiss Records roster -- and young enough to tear up a stage as if it were a junior high battle of the bands competition. Labelmates Rahim open the show.

Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8; call 314-781-4716 for more information.