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Thrills? Yo.


You’re a man of the world. You’ve run with the bulls; you’ve completed an Iron Man; you stopped wearing a cup to the company softball games two years ago. But are you ready for the Missouri Yo-Yo State Championships? You may think you are -- you’ve got your Iron Whip working, and your Hidemasa Hook has never been tighter -- but the players who descend on the City Museum (701 North 15th Street; 314-231-2489 or this Saturday and Sunday (July 14 and 15) are the real deal. These folks got yo-yo moves that’ll make you cut that string off your finger and walk away from the danger forever. Spread Eagle Warp Drives. Kurukuru Pinwheel Wraps. These mothers will even go commando with their yos -- pop it right off the string, and let it slice through space like a little UFO, à la the Grind and Whip. You ain’t ready. Or maybe you are -- it only costs $20 to enter the competitions and find out (that includes City Museum admission; spectators pay just the regular admission fee). You can enter the Junior Axle Division, Sport Ladder or Diabolo Ladder; it’s your funeral. There are also two Freestyle Divisions if that’s more your speed. Preliminaries and finals are both on Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday is given over to workshops and demonstrations by Team ES, Doc Pop and MoYo Club, and a special appearance by the Axiom-Blue Cheerleaders.
July 14-15