Those Three (An seh)

Rated NR 77 minutes

Three men meet at a hot water spring in Iran. They are all very different individuals: Essi is a father and physically hefty, Yousef, a quiet athlete, who speaks the language of the north, and bespectacled Darius, nicknamed the Turtle, who comes from the south. Soldiers, these three men are part of truck convey on its way to an isolated and icy region. Walking in the snow with their unit, they find themselves miserable. When thick fog falls, they all decide to escape. Left to their own devices, they wander through the windswept snowscape. As they continue on their journey, they pass a number of people who have been robbed as well as a abandoned village. The deserters begin to wonder if they made the right choice. Exhausted, they start arguing, only to discover a telephone. This glacial desert, however, has even more surprises in store for them.

Film Credits

Director: Naghi Nemati

Writer: Naghi Nemati

Producer: Mohammad Reza Sharafoddin

Cast: Soleimani Far, Dariush Ghazbani, Akbar Mansouri, Fatemeh Mir, Esmail Movahedi, Javad Saremi and Yousef Yazdani

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