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(No TV required)


“Acting with the Stars” is not the new reality show wherein otherwise normal housewives and dysfunctional Hollywood wannabes get to rehearse scenes with people who appeared on reality shows of yore and in episodes of Full House. As bizarre and thereby engaging as that would be (you all are the ones watching copious reality TV, so you must like it), Acting with the Stars will be far more endearing and entertaining. This fundraiser for St. Louis Shakespeare features performances of scenes from Shakespeare (natch) and other awesome works, such as Star Wars, presented by local actors and well-known St. Louisans. Even Morgan Freeman’s son Alfonso will take the stage! But can folks like comptroller Darlene Green and radio man McGraw Milhaven act? Finding out is part of the fun -- the other part is knowing that your ticket purchase ($50 to $65) helps out a local theater company. To save your spot at the Grandel Theatre (3610 Grandel Square), call St. Louis Shakespeare at 314-361-5664 or visit; the fundraiser runs from 7 to 10 p.m.
Sat., July 7