The Wind Blows Round (Il Vento Fa iI Suo Giro)

Rated NR 110 minutes

Chersogno, a small mountain village in the Italian Alps, is slowly dying out. Its survival relies on its ageing population and the brief summer tourist season. A French shepherd arrives in this tiny, conservative community, bringing along his young family, his goats and his entrepreneurial skills as a cheese-maker. In the beginning, he is fairly welcomed, generating the hope that his arrival could reinvigorate village life. But slowly, the conditions become harsher, misunderstandings multiply and envy starts to spread. Eventually, the villagers split into two factions, supporters and detractors of the French shepherd. Chersogno's future hangs in balance in the hands of the warring villagers.

Film Credits

Director: Giorgio Diritti

Writer: Giorgio Diritti and Fredo Valla

Cast: Thierry Toscan, Alessandra Agosti and Dario Anghilante

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