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The Whole Truth


True Stories is quite the puzzler: Talking Head David Byrne takes a tour of Virgil, Texas, on the eve of the state's sesquicentennial, hoping to find out something about life in a small town (what, he couldn't ask John Cougar Mellencamp?). Byrne finds one unusual citizen after another (Miss Rollings is the laziest woman in the world; Louis Fyne is desperately hoping to find love), each willing to share his or her story. But Miss Rollings is Swoosie Kurtz, and Louis is John Goodman — and none of their stories are true. But does the artifice mean the essence of the stories is not genuine? Hmm, curious. Add in Byrne's seemingly impromptu monologues about architecture and pop culture, and you have one of cinema's better mockumentaries. True Stories screens at 8 p.m. at the Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood; 314-241-2337 or Admission is $4.
Wed., Oct. 4