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The War for Christmas


The law of comic books requires that when two good guys meet for the first time, they must fight -- only after a kerfuffle can they be friends. And so it is in the animated holiday film, Santa vs. the Snowman. The Snowman isn't a bad guy, he's just very enthusiastic in his desire to give gifts to the children of the world. Santa (a renowned nice guy) just wants to hold on to his job -- times are tough out there, you know. This mutual desire for the same objective leads to an epic battle between our man of snow and the guy with the jiggly belly that threatens to ruin Christmas, and perhaps most of the North Pole as well. Fortunately for all parties, each combatant's inherent goodness keeps the conflict from going too far. Santa vs. the Snowman returns for its traditional holiday run at the Saint Louis Science Center OMNIMAX Theater (5050 Oakland Avenue; 314-289-4424 or The film screens daily through Monday, December 31; the Science Center is closed on Tuesday, December 25. Tickets are $8 to $9.
Nov. 23-Dec. 24; Dec. 26-31, 2012