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The Wailers

8 p.m. Tuesday, January 3. The Old Rock House, 1200 South Seventh Street.


In 1981, Bob Marley was taken from this earth, leaving behind an untouched legacy and his closest ally, the Wailers. Thirty years after the legend's untimely death, the band continues to forge ahead, spreading messages of peace, love and understanding. Although many members have moved on, veteran bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett anchors the Wailers with the addition of vocalist Koolant. Said to have channeled the spirit of Marley himself, the vibrant singer delivers beloved classics with devotion and grace. In homage to its fearless leader, the band is sure to play hits like "I Shot the Sheriff' and "Redemption Song" with a few originals slipped in as well.

What To Expect: The smell of Patchouli, immediately followed by the stench of dank-ass weed.