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The total scoop on the 2007 RFT Music Awards Showcase!

(And now, Annie's off to drink margaritas.)


I'm not exactly good at being on time. I don't wear a watch, never really pay attention to what time it is and figure that time is an abstract. It's not that I'm being rude, exactly. I'm just sort of spacey.

But I do live up to my nitpicking astrological sign — Virgo, thank you very much — in that I'm a meticulous planner and a scheduler. All of which means I'm excited to announce that our 2007 RFT Music Awards showcase will take place on Sunday, June 3, in the Delmar Loop. I've already set up a MySpace page (, which is again going to be the best place to find out about bands, nominees, showcase times, voting procedures and anything else awards-related. I'm also pleased to announce that we're bringing back an awards-presentation ceremony, a shindig that'll take place at the Pageant on Tuesday, June 12. (Details forthcoming.)

The format of the awards showcase will be slightly different. Unlike last year, we won't be having any national acts performing — it'll be all local bands. And because the 2006 version of our music awards was only about six months ago, I'll be implementing some new categories this year to perhaps (gasp!) inject some new blood into the proceedings.

Why the changes? Well, consider this us deciding to focus on and celebrate what talent St. Louis has to offer. Anyone who's read my column or the music section since I moved to town knows that I love music and am genuinely excited about so many people creating tunes in town. I've been told that perhaps I'm too positive sometimes; and while that might be true, I'd rather write about people doing cool things then dwell on the negative. As the Spice Girls say, "All you need is positivity."

And if you have any feedback on the awards showcase — i.e. what you've liked, not liked, or want to see added/subtracted — comment away on this story. I'm listening.

Speaking of comments, please see our blog (, where I and a few of my crack freelancers will be contributing pictures and reviews direct from SXSW — which is where I am at this very moment!