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The third annual STLPunk Christmas party, featuring Femme Fatality

Sunday, December 26; Creepy Crawl



It's December 26, and another Christmas has come and gone. All of a sudden, the lights on the tree don't shine as bright, the once-crisp snow has turned to slush, and that nasty bout of seasonal affective disorder has come back to haunt you. Luckily, STLpunk. com's third annual Christmas party is here to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas: namely, lots of punk, rock and hardcore bands filling the Creepy Crawl's stage.

While no shortage of St. Louis talent will be in the house (including Ded Bugs, Sibylline, Camp Climax for Girls and a few more), keep an ear out for Femme Fatality, our favorite (only?) electro-party duo. The band's mix of programmed beats and affectless vocals is hardly revolutionary, but the its sense of humor makes the experience worthwhile. "Dr. K" lists any number of prescription drugs ("OxyContin, Vicodin/I can't wait to begin") over standard-issue club beats, yet somehow comes off as an anthem for the self-medicated. It often feels like Femmes Octavia Leito and Monanani Palermo are a couple of dilettantes poking fun at a dying movement -- and with names like that, they very well may be. With the electro-clash backlash already over and the great dance-punk overthrow just around the corner, get in on Femme Fatality while the joke is still funny.