The Theatre Bizarre

Rated NR 114 minutes

Young Enola Penny {Virginia Newcomb) finds herself becoming strangely obsessed with a seemingly long-abandoned theatre in a run-down neighbourhood near where she lives. One night, she finds the front door of the theatre standing open. The invitation to explore is more than she can resist. And there, in the dark, seedy auditorium, to her surprise and growing horror, she discovers that a nightmarish freak show is about to begin...

Six startling stories by six cult directors, each offering their spooky, sick or plain surreal spin on the horror short.

Film Credits

Director: Douglas Buck and Buddy Giovinazzo

Writer: Zach Chassler and Richard Stanley

Cast: Udo Kier, Virginia Newcomb, Amelia M. Gotham, Catriona MacColl and Shane Woodward

Show Times

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