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The Starlight Mints

9 p.m. Friday, May 4. Blueberry Hill's Duck Room (6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City).


Oklahoma is a big place, and Wayne Coyne isn't the only rocker with red dirt under his nails. So don't be shocked if the Starlight Mints have had enough of the Flaming Lips comparisons. Along with the Nixons, Chainsaw Kittens, Broken Sky, Psychotic Reaction and the Evangelicals, the members of the Starlight Mints know the history of their state's underrated psychedelic and garage underground, both past and present. And they also know what to do with their roots: Make them new with a chaotic pastiche of fake strings, real horns, corny whistles, demented time shifts, disco-punk tension and Pixies guitar glee. None of which would make sense — let alone make the Starlight Mints a household name — if they weren't having so much fun screwing with so many sounds.