The Sight of Music

Rated NR

"The Sight of Music" program presents a hybrid mix of live band performances, music videos and music related shorts. Indestructible is a slapstick comedy about a heartbroken guy and a jinxed mix tape. In "Sleeping With Frank," dance and music mark the daily routine of a couple. "Penguins" mixes sweet stop-motion animation and live action. "Get Away," Birds Fled From Me's new video, is a glossy take on Sixties girl groups videos. "Psyche or Like Scope" features glamorous people roaming the streets of L.A. "Ways to Stop Times" uses found footage to accompany exrays' upbeat music. "Burning Wigs of Sedition" is a metaphor of repression and liberation chanted through the beats of the Extra Action Marching Band.

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