The Saltmen of Tibet (Die Salzmanner von Tibet)

Rated NR 110 minutes 1998

This exceptional documentary contains neither voice-over narration or Western interpretation: it simply follows the caravan of four pilgrims to the salt lakes of Northern Tibet, for a centuries-old ritual of gathering the tears of the goddess Tara. In spite of Beijing's ban on filmmaking inside Tibet, ethnographer Ulrike Koch and her small crew brought home incredible images of a culture on the verge of extinction. The film's haunting opening features a revered woman shaman, who goes into a trance to sing an epic tale that will protect the nomads on their spiritual journey to "the roof of the world".

Film Credits

Director: Ulrike Koch

Writer: Ulrike Koch

Producer: Christophe Bicker

Cast: Margen, Pargen, Zopon and Bopsa

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