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The Safes

9 p.m. Saturday, March 10. Lemmons (5800 Gravois Avenue).


If films such as The Boondock Saints have taught us anything, it's that you don't fuck with Irish-Catholic brothers. And so although the O'Malley siblings (Frankie, Michael and Patrick) of the Safes may not come brandishing baseball bats, there's an exterior toughness to them that conceals hearts of gold (just like the best Irish poets and brawlers). The Safes' 2004 EP, Boogie Woogie Rumble, came out on St. Louis' now-defunct Pro-Vel Records — and while their bash-'em-up garage rock showed promise, the recent Well, Well, Well sounds like the brothers have been listening to more British Invasion records, an influence that's softened their approach and sharpened their melodies and arrangements. Locals the Sex Robots and the Vultures will also perform.