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The Round-Ups/Monads/Whiskey Don'ts

Saturday, December 31; Lemmon's (5800 Gravois Avenue)


All country music is drinking music, but no sub-genre owns the drinking song quite like cow-punk. Even when the Round-Ups, the Monads and the Whiskey Don'ts aren't singing about tippling till they tip over, they play the kind of helter-skelter twang which may not be precisely cow-punk, but which provides a killer soundtrack to an affable slamfest. The Round-Ups especially have sweetened their notorious country-stagger with the vocals of Irene Allen, while the Monads (who sound like a slightly less manic Split Lip Rayfield) turn suicide and DUIs into blotto sing-a-longs. The wild card for this New Year's Eve hoedown is proto-rockabilly newcomers the Whiskey Don'ts, whose name offers a caution they'll likely ignore.