The River (He liu)

Rated NR 115 minutes 2001

Xiao-Kang, a young man who lives a dismal life with his parents in their small Taipei apartment, develops a terrible pain in his neck which no doctor, nor cure can seem to relieve. His mother is having an affair with a man who pirates pornographic videotapes, while his father is pursuing a solitary quest for pleasure in the city's gay bathhouses. Somehow, Xiao-Kang's pain seems to reflect the problems of each of his parents, and the solutions to each seem connected also, in a way that is not rationally explicable.

Film Credits

Director: Tsai Ming-liang

Writer: Tsai Ming-liang

Producer: Hsu Li-Kong and Chiu Shun-Ching

Cast: Miao Tien, Li Kangsheng, Lu Xiaolin, Ann Hui and Chen Xiangqi

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