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The Proposition

(the former Mike & Min's, Soulard)


She should've been a movie star, he says. She looks like Liv Tyler, or is it Gwyneth Paltrow, or is it Faye Dunaway, or is it Angelina Jolie. All of these, of course! And what a great set of boobs she has! $100 to touch them. In fact, what would she say to $10,000 to sleep with him? Only for a night. No strings attached. She would laugh good-naturedly. She would say no. Was she sure? Yeah, definitely sure. But she should think about it, really: ten thousand bucks. No strings attached. All over in a few hours. There would be no way on earth that proposition would ever manifest into reality, she informs him flatly. She smiles to ease the blow. Laughs, maybe to cover her disgust. He laughs too. It was all quite fun, and he didn't mean it. He was only kidding around. Wherever people congregate, there's always humor. Always fun. Always interesting ideas.