The Post in Maplewood is a Winner 

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Go inside the Post sports bar in Maplewood and read Ian Froeb's column: "Good Game: The Post Sports Bar in Maplewood is a winner." Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
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The baked wings -- Don’t let the name fool ya, they’re fried first, then tossed and then baked for a crispier texture. The menu advises to "allow fifteen minutes for this treasure."
Owners Bill Cipriani (left), a Pittsburgh native and Adrian Glass (right), who grew up in Belleville, met while working at a restaurant in the resort town of Breckenridge, Colorado. One day Adrian gave Bill a call, and said "'I’ve got this idea for a Fantasy Sports themed Restaurant and bar,' and three years later, the Post was born," Cipriani recalls.
The French Dip is thinly sliced roast beef dipped in au jus and topped with melted Swiss cheese.
The trophies line the half-wall as customers enter the resaurant.
The result: the medium garlic white pizza with pepperoni and sausage.
Server Laura Feldman reaches for one of the many beers on tap.
Executive chef Anthony Wise can create a pizza where customers not only pick from a plethora of toppings, but also choose the crust preparation. It’s not about thin or thick (St. Louis vs. New York vs. Chicago); instead it’s white, wheat, garlic (white or wheat), honey (white or wheat) or Italian style crusts.
And, what sports bar would be complete if it didn’t have Foosball?! Adrian and Bill, both big soccer fans, plan to try to make The Post the World Cup-St. Louis headquarters later this year!
The Post Bar & Grill, like any respectable sports bar, has dozens of flat screen TV’s.
Fantasy sports leagues organized by the bar have been met with great enthusiasm. These are the trophies for the fantasy football, baseball, hockey and basketball. Each winner will have his or her name engraved in the trophy. The in-house playoffs start during NFL playoffs, and this year, the winner will earn the inaugural spot on the football trophy and a $500 bar tab with an all-expenses-paid party sponsored by Miller Lite and a 46-inch flat-screen TV. Not too shabby.
Restaurant manager Tashon Hagins walks the floor to make sure everything is in order.
This is a medium garlic white pizza with pepperoni and sausage as it goes into the oven.
Chicken on the grill in the kitchen at the Post.
That same grilled chicken, now atop the Thai Chicken Salad, which is comprised of grilled marinated chicken atop crisp romaine, bean sprouts, cashews, mandarin oranges, green onion, carrot and a side of Thai peanut sauce.
Who needs a grill-press when you have a perfectly old, seasoned cast iron skillet to do the job?
And serve on a toasted hoagie with seasoned fries -- and a nice cold one, if you like. You also have the option of substituting the rib-eye with chicken.
It wouldn’t be a sports bar without multiple deep fryers, now would it?
A glorious pile of wings in the kitchen, just waiting to be fried.
The making of a cheesesteak sandwich: the self-proclaimed "best cheesesteak west of the Mississippi." You start with thinly sliced rib-eye, onion and green pepper. Then add white American cheese. Mash it all together.
The fantasy board. Baseball drafts begin in February.
No seat in the house will prevent diners from seeing a television.
Shuffleboard comes to Maplewood!
And of course, there’s darts.
The baked wings -- Don’t let the name fool ya, they’re fried first, then tossed and then baked for a crispier texture. The menu advises to "allow fifteen minutes for this treasure."