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The Pixels

Friday, December 17; the Way Out Club


WANTED: bandmates to form tribute act to (recently reunited) seminal late-'80s/early-'90s indie-rock gods. Female bassist preferred; portly bald frontmen will be given special consideration. Must be into soft/loud dynamics, surf guitar, Peter, Paul & Mary and Hüsker Dü (and the Pixies, natch).

It's unlikely that the Pixels were united by such an ad; rather, the band came about when a few friends from El Mail Boxo and Sibylline had a desire to play Pixies songs. It's unclear if the band's formation owes to the Pixies' 2004 reunion or is the product of a happy accident. Be it by Zeitgeist or shameless opportunism, it will be nice to hear these songs in a live setting -- seeing as how the real Pixies have snubbed St. Louis on recent tours (the bastards). Just make sure to catch the Pixels before they become the Divine Hammers: A Tribute to the Breeders.