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The Passion of the Dance


After watching a dance concert, any dance concert, you can't help but notice that dance is more than merely putting the right steps in the correct order. It is an expression of emotion; it is passion in movement. Flamenco dancing perhaps stirs up these feelings more than any other form. To get the fever, move on over to Clayton High School (1 Mark Twain Circle) at 7:30 p.m. There, the St. Louis Cultural Flamenco Society (, which was founded in 1984 by Marisel Salascruz, presents a performance featuring guest musicians and singers as well as local company dancers. Dances of India also performs to help demonstrate the link between Indian dance and flamenco. Tickets to this unique, and shall we say, spicy, night cost $20 in advance (at 314-534-1111 or and $25 at the door.
Sat., May 16, 2009