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The Paper Chase

9 p.m. Tuesday, March 25. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Boulevard.



Like Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock, Paper Chase frontman John Congleton relies on rambunctious vocal melodrama as much as he does lyrical content to set a mood. But unlike Brock's outfit — which found mainstream success after moving away from boundary-pushing art-rock in favor of more straightforward, danceable tunes — Congleton's band has chosen to evolve within the confines of its signature brand of creepy avant-punk. Always fond of pushing an audience just outside of its comfort zone, the band nevertheless still gets inside the listeners' heads — and stays there. Ultra-catchy pop hooks craftily shrouded in a cloak of eerie dissonance remain the weapon of choice on 2006's Now You Are One of Us. Congleton's work with bands like Explosions in the Sky and the Mountain Goats has made his value as a producer increase within the indie-rock community; it just might take a little longer for his reputation to catch up to the genius of his band's music.