The Painting (2005)

Rated PG-13 95 minutes 2005

A world-renowned art collector's wife dies in a car crash, and the distraught midwestern magnate asks his trusted African-American driver to help him raise his son. The boy then grows up torn between the two men's very different worlds, and eventually falls in love with the driver's niece. The two young people face the tribulations of an interracial relationship against the backdrop of the '60s Civil Rights Movement and the war in Vietnam.

Film Credits

Director: Joshua D Rose and Peter Manoogian

Writer: Morris Taylor

Producer: Marina Muhlfriedel, David Rose and Michael Hammer

Cast: Charles Shaughnessy, Bumper Robinson, Clifton Davis, Stacey Dash, Ben Vereen, Heath Freeman, Debbie Allen, Josh Ackerman, Billy Moses and Shari Dyon Perry

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