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The Neville Brothers

Thursday, July 21; Roberts Orpheum Theatre (416 North Ninth Street)


American roots music isn't about to pass from this earth. But if that was the case -- and only the first family of New Orleans R&B, the Neville Brothers, was left -- you'd still have most of the DNA to get it all back. Blues, soul, funk, jazz, gospel, doo-wop, country and hip-hop aren't just genres to Arthur, Charles, Aaron and Cyril: They're the reason their hearts beat. If they've never equaled the definitive statement made on 1989's Yellow Moon, they've never retreated from the socially reflective, unbounded vision of that soundscape. Last year's Walkin' in the Shadows of Life found the funk in political and familial dramas, though the message of "Brothers" tells it like it simply is for the Nevilles: "Blood that flows through your veins is the same that runs through mine."

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $28; call 314-588-0388 for more information.