The Manson Family

Rated NR 95 minutes 2004

The fictitious TV show 'Crime Scene' conducts new jailhouse interviews with the members of Charlie's Family as they recollect the events of the summer of '69. Although the participants, Tex Adie, Lesley and Bobbie, often contradict one another to either show themselves vaguely as innocents or to sensationalize the story event further, the portrait of the '60s ideals of freedom and expression are twisted beyond recognition. The interviews are interspersed with devastatingly authentic dramatic recreations of mythical Manson family home movies. It starts with a group of innocent youths forming a commune, smoking pots, dropping acid, making love and making music. But, when their leader, Charlie, is rejected as an artist and money starts to become tight, the kids change their lifestyle in order to survive.

Film Credits

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Director: Jim Van Bebber

Writer: Jim Van Bebber

Producer: Carl Daft, David Gregory, Jim Van Bebber and Mike King

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