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The Lure of Language (over Lunch)


Ah, yes, Monday. You lurked just out of sight throughout the weekend, not ruining anything exactly but making each minute away from work seem that much more fleeting. Now you're here, the boss sounds like he's speaking a different language, and we're counting down the minutes to lunch, which is going to be a little bit different today. Instead of packing on the pounds and eating another empty-calorie fast-food meal, we're going to head out to the University of Missouri-St. Louis' J.C. Penney Conference Center (1 University Drive at Natural Bridge Road) for the free Monday Noon Series (314-516-5961 or This week, in honor of National Foreign Language Week, faculty members will read poetry in Latin, Spanish, Japanese, French and other languages, and they will also translate the beautiful works for us (unlike that boss of ours — no interpretive services there). The readings begin at 12:15 p.m., and light snacks are served, which should be enough to tide us over until quitting time.
Mon., March 1, 2010