The Love God

Rated PG-13

Larue is a nearsighted, epileptic schizophrenic with a history of suicide attempts and public masturbation. He's just been let out of an overcrowded psychiatric institution and relocated to a hometel. Prostitutes, theives, drug addicts and one-legged transvestite pawnshop owner, Queen Bernie, are his neighbors. Larue falls for Helen, who has the unfortunate tendency to lapse into silent-scream catatonia. When Helen's overprotective mother tries to separate them, Larue seeks the counsel of Kali, the Hindu goddess of love, death and destruction. Then he meets the Intruders, giant worm-like creatures that travel through sewage pipes and emerge from toilets to rip off stray jewelry with extensor suction tongues. Larue sets out on a frantic search to discover the truth about these beings--are they real or mere fantasies of his splintered mind?

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