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The Illusion of Safety


To call Keith Jozsef a magician is to understate his skill. Magicians perform tricks; Jozsef creates illusion, causing the audience members to question their physical senses and even their very perceptions of what is real. His annual Halloween Magic Spectaculars are journeys into the realm of mystery and the supernatural, powered by Jozsef’s impeccable sense of timing and showmanship. This year’s show, at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Center of Creative Arts (524 Trinity Avenue, University City), is once again geared for adult audiences. “Bodies will be severed, minds will be read,” Jozsef promises -- and you better hope it’s not your body that he has in mind. Or maybe you want to be that close to the action, so you can see how he does it; lots a luck with that, Stumpy. Tickets are $15 to $20, and reservations (call 314-752-9882) are recommended.
Mon., Oct. 29, 2007