The Henchman's War

Rated NR 80 minutes

Joe King is a mob henchman who has just made the worst of many mistakes in his life. While on assignment to end the life of a failed political hopeful, Joe kills the politicians' wife, Miranda, who happens to be a key component to why he lives a life of crime in obedient silence. Encompassed with regret and rage, Joe King sets out to find retribution, killing to survive and ending the lives of those he feel is responsible for the traumatic events he and Miranda have endured.

Tony "Cubby" Wagner is a mid level crime boss. Disenchanted with the criminal lifestyle, Cubby wrestles with his sordid past and bleak future. While trying to piece together Joe King's actions and their reasons, Cubby faces Ivory, a young and hungry Korean rival boss, Sandra, Cubby's mob raised wife and the management of his bereft and ticking time bomb crew, including the sociopath Barry Bright and the hot-headed Billy Moss. While Cubby's small empire is on the brink of crumbling, his biggest obstacle is deciding to care.

Film Credits

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Director: A.M. Greene

Writer: A.M. Greene

Cast: Rick Kain, Robert Leembruggen, Alexander Yi, Jane E. Petkofsky, Everett Rodd and Paul Sieber

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