The Hands (Las manos)

Rated NR 119 minutes

A man of God discovers his supernatural talents run counter to the tenants of his chosen faith in this drama from filmmaker Alejandreo Doria. Father Mario Pantaleo (Jorge Marrale) is a Catholic priest who looks after his congregation in a small town in Argentina. When Father Mario discovers he has the power to heal others, he begins performing acts of faith healing during his services; however, when church officials hear about this, they become upset and strip the priest of his credentials. One of Father Mario's parishioners, Perla (Graciela Borges), believes in the priest's healing powers and helps him set up a new church in a tiny farming community. However, when word of Father Mario's actions filter back to the Vatican, they send a young priest, Javier (Esteban Perez), to infiltrate the parish and find out what he's doing. On Javier's advice, the Vatican steps in to shut down Father Mario's new church, and the aging priest travels to Rome to appeal to Vatican bishops in person. Las Manos (aka The Hands) received its North American premiere at the 2007 Palm Springs Film Festival.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Alejandro Doria

Writer: Alejandro Doria and Juan Bautista Stagnaro

Cast: Graciela Borges, Jorge Marrale, Duilio Marzio, Belén Blanco, Carlos Portaluppi, Carlos Weber, Jean Pierre Reguerraz, Luciana Calarota, Nora Alicia Arraga and Mónica Cabrera

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