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The Gun Show as Art


Perhaps you can remember as far back as April, when the National Rifle Association held a convention in fair St. Louis. What with America’s gun violence issues, the war on terror and the creeping erosion of our civil rights, the convention, and its billboards advertising “acres of guns,” got people a little riled up. And that’s all right – this is America. We’re, all of us, allowed to get riled up, especially if we channel the riling into something productive. Tim Collins used the experience of the NRA Convention to create a one-man theatrical piece, NRA Convention, which he terms “theatre-as-reportage.” In fifteen minutes, Collins plays thirteen characters who explore the big issues that surround the politics of firearms: terrorism, fear, and the guns themselves. Collins performs NRA Convention, and several other multi-character pieces, at 7:30 p.m. this evening at the Soulard Coffee Garden (910 Geyer Avenue; 314-489-9916 or Collins admits that his show is political theatre that blends comedy and flashpoint issues like the war in Iraq and the American media, so you may get riled up, or even offended. But you’re an American – you can take it. Tickets are $5, reservations are recommended.