The Five Obstructions (De fem benspænd)

Rated NR 90 minutes 2003

A novel but remarkably un-gimmicky experiment in filmmaking occurs when we watch 'Dogme 95' co-founder Lars von Trier challenge his older mentor Jorgen Leth to remake Leth's 1968 short film, 'The Perfect Human.' The catch: Leth must remake the film five times, each time with a new set of rules (or "obstructions") from the tricky von Trier. Not to be outfoxed, the gifted Leth produces a series of beautiful, funny and personally revealing gems of cinema.

Film Credits

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Director: Jorgen Leth and Lars von Trier

Writer: Jorgen Leth and Sophie Destin

Producer: Signe Birket-Smith

Cast: Claus Nissen, Majken Algren Nielsen, Jørgen Leth, Lars von Trier, Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez, Jacqueline Arenal, Vivian Rosa, Alexandra Vandernoot, Patrick Bauchau and Marie Dejaer

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