The Fish Child (El nino Pez)

Rated NR 96 minutes

Unassuming and pretty Lala, a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighborhood in Buenos Aires, is madly in love with Guayi, her family's gorgeous 20-year-old Paraguayan maid. The two dream of living together in Paraguay and begin to steal and sell all they can get their hands on to fund their escape. But when their risky plan goes terribly wrong, Guayi disappears and is taken into custody for a crime she did not commit. Desperate, Lala will stop at nothing to be with Guayi again--even if it means unraveling the secrets of her dark, hidden past.

Film Credits

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Director: Lucía Puenzo

Writer: Lucía Puenzo

Producer: Luis Puenzo and Jose Maria Morales

Cast: Inés Efron, Mariela Vitale, Carlos Bardem, Arnaldo André, Julián Doregger, Sandra Guida, Pep Munné and Diego Velázquez

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