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The Empire Strikes Back

(With a party)


So you’ve vacationed in Casablanca, dined at the top of the Eiffel Tower and sailed around the world on your own luxury yacht. But through all of these extravagances, one thing has been missing: royalty. Kings and queens (really, all heads of state) aren’t as readily available now as they were back in the opulent olden days. But you’re in luck. Tonight, at 7 p.m. at the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park (, you can hang out with the institution’s young friends and you can Party with the Emperor. See, the museum has a new exhibit, Symbols of Power: Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815, and some of His Majesty’s fancies are on display -- and you know a little of his spirit rubbed off on that throne. Plus, ol’ Napoleon will be watching over the proceedings from his perch in Portrait of Napoleon I in His Coronation Robes, a painting by Robert Jacques François Faust Lefèvre. To finally attend the party you deserve, call 314-655-5350, and pay a mere $30 to $90 -- heck, you make that in half a second!
Fri., June 22