The Dog Problem

Rated R 89 minutes 2007

Solo, a once successful novelist, is now a dismal failure. Insecure, unable to write, he has squandered his modest fortune on drugs, women and expensive therapy. To top it off, his expensive therapist suggests he get a pet to overcome his current neuroses. Not used to caring for anyone but himself, Solo's new pet Schnauzer becomes an instant thorn in his side and he sets out to rid himself of the thing, but in the process finds a whole new circle of friends and a new lover or two.

Film Credits

Director: Scott Caan

Writer: Scott Caan

Producer: Palmer West

Cast: Scott Caan, Don Cheadle, Lynn Collins, Kevin Corrigan, Jimmy the Dog, Melissa Keller, Joanna Krupa, Tito Ortiz, Ali Pomerantz and Giovanni Ribisi

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