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The Dog Days of Summer

The Boathouse keeps them fun


Here at Night & Day Global Industries, Mr. Night and I couldn't be any more excited. See, our dog, Dr. Barkapotomus, has returned from his much-deserved sabbatical — that university really overworks him! — and we can't wait to take him out on the town. He's just got to show off his island tan! And where better for him to do so than at the Boathouse in Forest Park during the Paddle with Your Pooch fundraiser? Night and I have already paid the $30 race entrance fee, and we're pretty sure that with the good doctor's help, our team will reign victorious in the paddleboat regatta. Plus, Dr. Barka will get to visit with plenty of his canine compadres before and after the race. What an excellent welcome home! To register your own dream dog-and-master paddleboat team for one of the three heats (if you don't mind second place), visit, and call 314-961-7588, extension 251, for more information; proceeds from the event benefit Forest Park Forever. Pups and people start paddling it out at 1 p.m., and spectators are welcome.
Sun., July 20, 2008