The Daughter of Keltoum (La Fille de Keltoum)

Rated NR 101 minutes 2002

Rallia, abandoned by her mother when she was a baby and brought up by foster parents in Switzerland, has returned home to her village in the Maghreb to find her mother, Keltoum. She is told by her grandfather that her mother works far away in a hotel in the city. If Rallia wants to wait for her, Keltoum comes home on Fridays. Slowly Rallia immerses herself in village life, shedding her Western garb and adopting the dress of her relatives. She helps her half-mad aunt with her chores, and eventually the surrounding culture seeps into her life. On Friday, the bus makes its lonely way past the village but no one gets off. As time passes with no sign of her mother, Rallia and her aunt venture to the city to find her...

Film Credits

Director: Mahdi Charef

Writer: Mahdi Charef

Producer: Fabienne Servan-Schreiber

Cast: Cylia Malki, Baya Belal, Jean-Roger Milo, Fatima Ben Saidane, Deborah Lamy, Brahim Ben Salah, Samira Draa, Mostefa Zerguine, Habib Zrafi and Lotfi Yahya

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