The Crimson Rivers (Les Rivieres Pourpres)

Rated NR 105 minutes 2001

Veteran cop Pierre Niemans is sent to Guernon to investigate a bizarre murder near a legendary private school isolated in the Alps. And it's no ordinary murder; the killer has been very methodical, leaving twisted inexplicable clues to his motive. Complicating matters are the university administrators who are uncooperative and somewhat defiant to Niemans' questioning. Meanwhile Max Kerkerian, an impetuous young cop and former car thief, arrives at a desecrated graveyard 180 miles away. Someone has disturbed the grave of a child who died twenty years before. These two seemingly random events are about to collide as the separate investigations lead the detectives right to one another. The more experienced Niemans begrudgingly joins forces with the brash Max to track down the killer. Despite his ribbing and constant sarcastic banter, Max respects the older cop. The two crimes are assuredly linked--but how? What could the prestigious school possibly have to hide?

Film Credits

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Writer: Mathieu Kassovitz

Producer: Alain Goldman and Catherine Morisse

Cast: Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Fares, Dominique Sanda and Jean-Pierre Cassel

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