Who is a modern mail order bride?

If you have never considered marrying a foreign mail order bride, you may mistakenly think that mail order wives are a thing of the past and people these days don’t go for these types of relationships. The truth is that while mail order marriages have been known since at least the 17th century, they are more popular right now than ever before. However, the relationships and the mail order bride themselves have changed a lot.

In the past, there were instances where women married men without meeting them in person even once or even communicating at all. In some cases, women were forced to marry Western men either by their families or by a third party. Thankfully, now things don’t work like that. All mail order brides nowadays make their own decision to marry a foreign man and they actively work to achieve this goal.

. A typical mail order bride in the 21st century is a woman in her twenties or thirties, sometimes forties or late teens. She is good-looking and takes excellent care of herself, but she has a lot more to offer than her outstanding looks. She is smart and an active user of the internet. Even if she has never met a Western man before, she knows exactly that that’s who she wants to marry.

Where can you meet your ideal mail order bride?

The only real way to meet a mail order bride safely is to use a specialized mail order bride service. There is no shortage of these services nowadays, but if you are completely new to them, here are a few things to know.

Best Sites to Find Mail Order Brides:
Latin Brides - LatinWomenLove, ColombiaLady
Asian Brides - DateAsianWomen, AsiaMe
Slavic Brides - KissRussianBeauty, MeetUkrainianGirl, SingleSlavic
European Brides - DateEuropeanGirl

How do mail order bride services work?

In essence, mail order bride services work similarly to regular dating sites. You create an account, fill out your profile, and can explore the women’s profiles. Once you’ve found one or more ladies who excite you and whose profiles look attractive to you, you can send them a message and begin the communication.

If you two hit it off, you can communicate online for as long as you feel comfortable. Then, when you are confident that you want to meet the woman in person, you can plan your first real-life date. In 99 cases out of 100, the first date will take place in the woman’s home country, so you will need to take care of a visa, tickets, and accommodations.

How are they different from regular dating sites?

So if mail order bride services work similarly to regular dating sites, is there a point in using mail order bride sites when you could achieve the same results with a dating site you already know and use? There are several key differences between the two types of dating services, so if your goal is to meet a woman from a foreign country, these are the most important things to know about:
  • Mail order bride sites are designed for long-distance dating. The people behind these sites realize that their members are often thousands of miles apart. They typically offer different communication features to help two lovers keep the fire alive regardless of the distance. Unlike regular dating sites, which usually offer location-based matches, mail order bride services give you more options for meeting your ideal woman.
  • Mail order bride services promote serious relationships. Most popular dating sites don’t really aim for long-term relationships or marriage. They often offer casual dating opportunities or even a chance to meet a hookup partner. This is not something you will experience with a mail order bride site, where 100% of the women want to find a serious partner and a potential husband.
  • Mail order bride sites offer more thorough security features. People typically spend months or even years on a mail order bride site and share quite a lot of personal information. The founders of those sites understand that and want their users to get the safest experience possible. This is not something you can often expect from regular dating sites.

Which services can you expect from mail order bride websites?

In addition to being focused on serious relationships and having advanced security features, mail order bride services often offer a unique selection of features. Here are the 5 features you will hardly find on a regular dating site but can usually expect on mail order bride sites.
  • Matchmaking. When there are countless beautiful women who fit your requirements on a mail order bride service, it can often be hard to narrow down the selection to one or two of them. This is where a smart matching algorithm can come in handy.
  • Profile verification. Many mail order bride sites have a profile verification system that is especially important for the women of the site. When you see that a woman has been verified by the site administrators, you can know for sure she’s a real person.
  • Translation. Language barrier is one of the most common problems lovers from foreign countries experience. With a translation service, you can understand each other better and avoid awkward situations in your communication.
  • Gift and flower delivery. Impressing your woman can be hard when you are separated by thousands of miles. This is why a gift delivery feature is often present on mail order bride sites. With this feature, you can send a gift or flowers right to your bride’s doorstep.
  • Arranging a date. When it’s finally time to meet in person, you want the whole thing to be absolutely perfect. Mail order brides understand that as well and can often help you plan the best first date, taking care of tickets, accommodations, translation, and more.

Why do I need to pay for using a mail order bride site?

In an ideal world, we could all use popular mail order bride services for free. However, the reality is very different. If you’ve ever been to a completely free dating site, you know that it can often turn into the epicentre of scamming, abuse, and other negative effects of online dating. By charging members money for accessing the site, dating services try to improve the experience for everyone and get rid of unwanted activity.

There are two primary ways for mail order bride sites to charge their members. The first one is a paid membership that you can typically buy for a month or more. It gives you some privileges over free members and allows you to access full women’s profiles and other features. The second one is a system of credits, where you buy packages of credits for your account and then spend them on the features you need. Some sites use a combination of these payment models.

5 features to look for in a good mail order bride service

If you search for mail order brides online, you will see dozens of search results with popular dating services who promise you a chance to meet the love of your life. However, you probably realize that not all of these services are equally good and can be trusted. These are the five features to pay attention to when you want to pick the right mail order bride site.
  1. Audience. A dating site is nothing without its audience. To put it simply, a site needs to have enough women for you to choose from no matter how specific your tastes may be. The best foreign dating sites have hundreds of thousands of mail order brides, so you will have plenty of girls to meet, and the chances of meeting the right one are pretty good.
  2. Design and mobile presence. There are some popular dating sites who haven’t upgraded their look and functionality in years. If you try using a site that looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, your user experience will never be as good as you deserve. In addition to a contemporary interface, a dating site also needs to have a fully functional mobile version or even a standalone mobile app.
  3. Communication features. Many sites don’t pay a lot of attention to the fact that everyone’s dating style is different. You can often discover a site that has a good design but only offers one or two communication options such as chat and mail. Naturally, you want more opportunities to express yourself, so the more communication features there are, the easier it will be for you to find the right one.
  4. Adequate prices. We’ve already established that it is virtually impossible to have a successful online dating experience for free, but the amount of money you pay matters a lot. Since you probably don’t have an unlimited online dating budget, you want to make sure that you are paying a fair price. Simply compare the rates at similar services to check whether you are being overcharged.
  5. Safety and support. While you are enjoying your online dating experience, you want to know that your data and your safety are protected. A good dating service constantly upgrades its security mechanisms and introduces new security measures to keep its members safe. You also should be able to quickly access customer support when you need it, and the site should take active steps to get rid of fake profiles and scammers.
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Why do women choose to be mail order brides?

The media often portrays mail order brides as women who are desperate to move to a Western country and will use any opportunity to do it, including marrying a man who they don’t even like. However, this is far from the truth. Modern mail order brides will only marry someone when they have feelings for him. Here are the three biggest reasons why foreign women decide to become mail order brides:
  • Disappointment in local guys. When you meet foreign mail order brides, you will often find that they have some dating experience with local men or have even been married before. However, these experiences have left them underwhelmed for different reasons: men’s commitment issues, inability to provide for the family, or questionable views on fidelity.
  • Attraction to Western men. Many women in foreign countries have a pretty good idea about the personality and appearance of a Western guy, and it’s safe to say that they are very attracted to those qualities. A typical mail order bride enjoys the way Western men look, but she enjoys their views on family, relationships, finances, and self-development even more.
  • Readiness to start a new life. It’s no secret that the financial and social situation in foreign countries outside of the Western world can be far from ideal. Women from humble beginnings often don’t have a lot of ways to build a good career and achieve the quality of living they deserve. They rightfully believe that they can do it by moving abroad, and doing it with a man they love looks like the best possible scenario to them.

Why should you consider marrying a mail order bride?

A relationship or marriage to a foreign mail order bride has lots of advantages. It’s often the ideal solution for men who have had negative experiences with local women. By dating or marrying a mail order bride from a foreign country, you can expect the following:

Diverse beauty
Mail order brides come from dozens of countries and every part of the world, which means they are very diverse in their appearance. No matter which skin tone, hair color, body type, and facial features you are into, you can find it all in foreign mail order brides. These women are always attractive and put-together, but their traits are more diverse than the beauty of women in your own country.

Family values
Women in foreign countries are usually far more traditional than women in the Western part of the world. Unlike Western women, foreign mail order brides don’t consider career to be more important than relationships or family. They are prepared to give their all to their loved ones. Foreign women for marriage don’t have a problem with being stay-at-home wives and mothers and they actually enjoy it when the man assumes the leading position in the family.

Loyalty and appreciation
A typical mail order bride from a foreign country knows that a good man is not that easy to find. Once a mail order bride meets a man she likes, she makes sure to never drive him away by taking him for granted and treating him like he doesn’t matter to her at all. Moreover, women abroad are usually very loyal. They want to get married once and for all and they won’t suddenly change their mind after getting married and starting a family.

Where do the best mail order brides come from?

With the virtually limitless possibilities we have today, you can find and marry a bride from virtually any country in the world. However, there are several foreign countries that attract the most attention from single men looking for their ideal wives. Here are the most popular types of foreign brides to consider.

Russian brides
Brides from Russia are the embodiment of Slavic beauty. They are incredibly well-read and classy, and while they may take a while to open up to a man, you will never regret the amount of effort you’ve had to invest in it.

Ukrainian brides
A Ukrainian bride is the epitome of strong family values. Ukrainian mail order brides make amazing wives and mothers, but they are much more than that. These women have a fantastic sense of humor and will make your life brighter.

Japanese brides
A Japanese bride is the ideal choice for an ambitious man who wants the most refined woman by his side. Japanese mail order brides are the perfect example of Asian beauty, but their intelligence and personality will impress you even more.

Filipino brides
Filipino mail order brides are popular among Western men for their views on family. A Filipino bride is determined to marry the right man and have his children, and once that happens, she will never want to go back to her old single life.

Colombian brides
You should definitely consider marrying a bride from Colombia if you want every day of your married life to bring you new emotions. Colombian brides can be a lot of things, but they are never boring, so you will always have something new to look forward to.
Mexican brides
Mexican brides are traditional to a degree, but they also have a lot in common with you culturally. A Mexican mail order bride is a loving wife, a nurturing mother, and an incredibly supportive partner any man would want.

Frequently asked questions

Are mail order brides real?
We cannot vouch for every woman you meet as a mail order bride online is a real one, but if you choose a trusted mail order bride service and use standard precautions, you should have no problem with meeting plenty of mail order brides who are absolutely real women looking for love.

Is it legal to marry a mail order bride?
Yes, these marriages are now fairly popular in the United States and Europe, and there is a clear legal procedure for those marriages. After you’ve met your ideal lady online, you need to make sure you meet in person at least once and that the decision to get married is a voluntary one for both of you. If that’s sorted out, you need to apply for a fiancee visa, which will allow your bride to legally move to your home country and marry you.

What can I do to avoid online dating scam?
Good dating sites are trying very hard to protect their users from the most common types of online dating scam, but every user should still follow the necessary safety measures. They include:
  • Only using trusted dating sites with a solid reputation;
  • Knowing the most popular red flags, such as the woman only giving vague answers, refusing to send you more photos, and asking you for money right away;
  • Reporting any suspicious profiles and activity to the site administrators.
How much does it cost to find a foreign mail order bride?
By now, you probably understand that it’s downright impossible to have a completely free experience of meeting foreign mail order brides, but how much does it cost exactly? The overall cost will be different for different men because they will use different sites, talk to a different number of women, and use different paid features. Overall, you can expect to spend between $2,000 and $20,000, and that includes everything from a paid website membership to visa and travel expenses when it’s finally time to meet your bride.

Do mail order bride services give any guarantees?
Unfortunately, no. No one, even the most reputable mail order bride service, can guarantee that you will meet your future wife through it. The success of your journey depends on a number of factors, from your dating style to sheer luck. However, the best mail order bride sites are genuinely invested in your success and will provide you with all the features you need to meet your soulmate.

How common are mail order bride marriages in the US?
Now that there are more ways to meet foreign women than ever, more and more US men prefer to marry ladies from foreign countries — primarily, from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Every year, there are thousands of Western men who successfully marry foreign women who identify as mail order brides. To be precise, around 10,000 of those marriages are registered every year, with around 4,000 of them being between US men and foreign brides.

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