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The Chase Is On

Week of June 18, 2003

The Chase Is On
Pursue at will: In every incident in Bruce Rushton's "Carnage" [June 11], it was the fleeing suspect who killed someone. So why is it the cops who are shown with death's-head faces?

When someone chooses to run from the police in a car, they have then and there decided that it's OK with them if somebody dies. Don't tell me otherwise. The least you can call it is reckless endangerment. So here's my message to the police departments, as a citizen: Pursue at will. And if someone, even me, even someone I love, gets killed, let's have some very public murder trials over it. Lock up a few people such as Terrye Martin and Ryan Lee King for life without parole, and make public examples of them. Put it all over the news, so that no matter how much trouble they're in, no matter how drunk they are, it might occur to people that if they run, it will be worse.
Brad Hicks
St. Louis

The Furry of the Moment
That's what furiends are for: Thank you for the wonderfully positive article on our little furry universe [Mike Seely, "Bowling for Porcupine," June 11]. I have been bowling, walked our open-air mall, gone to movies, and all sorts of normal activities. Sometimes it is an attention-getter, but for the most part we are left to our own devices. Because of our common interest, furry fans have a foundation from which to build good furiendships, so we are more closely knit than most other social groups. I found furry two months ago, and something clicked in my psyche that made me want to participate in this. It is indeed a fun and funky lifestyle, and I expect to enjoy it for many years to come.
Cheyenne Thorne, a.k.a. Thrashbear
Aurora, Colorado

That's the Ticket
Train I ride: I am writing to correct two inaccuracies in Paul Friswold's otherwise welcome column about riding Metro back and forth [Urban Experience, "I Often Dream on Trains," June 4]. As a passionate public-transit advocate, I'm happy to see a widely circulated advertisement for the light rail. But:

1) The tickets are not strictly valid throughout a period of time. They are good for use in one direction away from the point of validation. Even if you're finishing within the allotted time, you must validate a second ticket to take a round trip. Although they'd probably never catch a cheater, let alone be able to prove the offense, we should support the transit system by paying what we owe and not be like those cheap bastards who steal grapes from the store.

2) In any case, the tickets expire two hours after validation, not four, as Mr. Friswold wrote. Thank you very much.
Nick Weil
St. Louis

Go, Nelly
Bad rap: In Wm. Stage's June 4 "Street Talk," Pete Wright states that Nelly does nothing for the city. I'm sorry, but if this man knew half the things Nelly and the St. Lunatics have done in the past 30 days alone, he would feel about as big as his picture in your paper. In May, Nelly and the 'Tics participated in three basketball games with local high schools, raising over $1,000 for a local children's hospital and over 1,500 canned goods for Operation Food Search. They visited two elementary schools, two clinics and Cardinal Glennon Hospital, offering encouraging words, T-shirts and coloring books. In the first week of June, Nelly and the 'Tics gave away over 250 bikes at a local elementary school to children who had perfect attendance for Missouri testing.

Not only do Nelly and the St. Lunatics do for St. Louis, but everyone who works for Nelly contributes to the city. From volunteering at these events to going to local schools for the Read In program to tutoring once a week at the Juvenile Detention Center, things get accomplished around here!

Mr. Wright needs to know that some celebrities do things out of the goodness of their hearts and don't always need a camera in their face to do right. Nelly is one of those people who do good just to do it, not for attention, so I would ask Mr. Wright to investigate before he hates.
Kri Korte, event coordinator
St. Louis

Who's Rude?
Thompson spanked: When I read Luke Y. Thompson's "Speakin' Spell" [June 4], I felt sorry for the attack on George Thampy. Mr. Thompson chose to refer to George as "obnoxious" and "annoying," although if Mr. Thompson had the privilege of knowing George he would soon learn that George is the very antithesis of those two adjectives. After further thought, however, as George's high school principal, I was proud of him for his strong faith commitment, which apparently offends Mr. Thompson.

I wonder, though, who is truly obnoxious: one who takes a consistent stand for his faith, or an adult who attacks a fifteen-year-old for his beliefs!
James L. Drexler, upper school principal
Westminster Christian Academy
Creve Coeur

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