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The Boy Least Likely To

The Best Party Ever (Too Young to Die)



Specifically, he's the boy least likely to get in a fight, honk his horn, ask for seconds or sing a song that's not lighthearted and gay, in the old "gee whiz" sense of the word. And if you're the least bit averse to frolicking innocence, optimistic naiveté or merry melodies, you're not at all likely to dig this underground UK twee-pop group's breakout album, The Best Party Ever. Just wanted to warn you tougher rock & rollers out there, lest you accidentally run afoul of such profound lyrical statements as "I'm glad I hitched my apple wagon to your star" or "I'm happy because I'm stupid." In between those funny little words (quite possibly scribbled by a nine-year-old), you'll find plenty of xylophone tinkering, dainty drum-kit slaps, playful handclaps and giddy banjo plucks. Punk rockers and gangsta rappers should flee in terror, but if you're still able to channel your tree-climbing childhood self, you'll find all this so cute you'll wanna squish it.