The Boarder

Rated PG-13

The story is set in a middle class suburb outside Lincoln, Nebraska. Annika Williams is a determined mother who left teaching to help launch her teenagers, Jarren and Lexi, into today's world prepared for success. Along with her loving husband, the Pastor Zebediah Williams, the entire family is certain they are living the good life.

But life has more in store than Annika anticipates when her husband, Zeb, introduces her to Carl, a homeless eleven-year-old boy with a sketchy past. Moved by his love of all children and a desire to save the boy from the streets, the Pastor convinces a reluctant Annika to adopt Carl.

Film Credits

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Director: Jolene Adams and Jane E. Ryan

Writer: Jane E. Ryan

Producer: Andres Barahona and Susana Hornil

Cast: Andy Scott Harris, Leslie Stevens, Carlton Wilborn, Dee Wallace, Eric St. John, Robert Kingston Green, Patrick J. Nicolas, McKenzie Clayton and Jolene Adams

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