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The Bloody Hollies

9 p.m. Friday, February 23. Lemmons (5800 Gravois Avenue).


The Bloody Hollies were a Buffalo band with a great name and an armful of shrieking, two-minute grease-punk diatribes on 2003's Fire at Will, the album that first raised the hackles of trash-rock freaks nationwide. Three-plus years and two albums later, main man Wesley Doyle has relocated to San Diego, recruited a new rhythm section and mixed new shades of abrasive sleaze into the band's palette. Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love, the second disc since the big move, can get '70s heavy ("Satanic Satellite"), punk lysergic ("Mona"), pseudo-swampy ("Sad and Lonely," with Doyle's harmonica honking away) or pogo-pissed ("The Rain"). But while the warmer California weather clearly agrees with Doyle, his scabrous vocal yowl remains as bracing as a January wind off of Lake Erie.