The Big Buy: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress

Rated NR 90 minutes 2006

This film depicts how Texas Congressman and House Leader Tom DeLay tried to, in his words, "completely redesign government." His first aim was to destroy the Department of Education, HUD, OSHA, the NEH, the NEA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Energy. DeLay's utter contempt of government made him a favorite of corporations who funded his rise to power. DeLay also succeeded in re-writing the Texas congressional districts which resulted in electing five hard-right Republican Congressman to Washington. He made his big mistake when he started to funnel banned corporate money to candidates in the 2002 Texas elections. This triggered an investigation by an obscure district attorney, Ronnie Earle. However, even though DeLay had to resign from Congress, his past successes are still impacting Americans daily. "The Big Buy" is destined to serve as a rallying cry for those who want to change "The house that Tom built" back into "The people's house". And, this disturbing documentary also connects the dots between big money and big government. It's not a pretty picture.

Film Credits

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Director: Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck

Producer: Mark Birnbaum, Robert Greenwald and Jim Schermbeck

Cast: Jack Abramoff, Chris Bell, Jacqueline Blankenship, Steve Brittain, Paul Burka, George W. Bush, Dick Deguerin, Tom DeLay, Ronnie Earle and Martin Frost

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