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The Arcade Fire/The National

7 p.m. Thursday, April 21. Scottrade Center, 1401 Clark Avenue.



After taking home the Grammy for "Album of the Year" earlier this year, the Arcade Fire created a beautifully perverse moment of live-broadcast television by closing out the event with "Ready to Start" from The Suburbs. The opening line, "Businessmen drink my blood," certainly took on new meaning as the Montreal-based powerhouse played to a room full of industry execs. But Arcade Fire has always had its eye on large-scale cage rattling, from the bedroom anthems on Funeral to the new wave-tinted songs about suburban sprawl on the latest LP. The band hasn't visited St. Louis since it opened a sparsely attended show for the Unicorns at the now-defunct Rocket Bar back in 2004, so fans will have a chance to see how Arcade Fire's arena-rock dreams translate in an honest-to-God arena. The National opens the concert.