The Amateur

Rated NR 95 minutes

The film explores the roller-coaster ride of an artistic life. It pays respect to the artist who dedicates his life to his craft yet never attains conventional success. Our hero Joey is talented, attractive and charming, but his artistic stubbornness and life choices keep him from riding the waves of opportunity crashing all around him. His mantra, "do what you love, with who you love, and the rest will take care of itself," is repeatedly tested until he is forced to reevaluate, not only his career pursuit, but the foundation of his beliefs as well.

Film Credits

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Director: Carlton Sugarman

Writer: Carlton Sugarman

Cast: Joey Baldwin, Carlotta Elektra Bosch, Jere Burns, Jeannetta Arnette, Nick Gomez, John Ruby, Evan Boymel, Brad Dujmovic, Sebastian Boher and Melissa Haro

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