The 27 Gayest Things at STL's PrideFest Weekend 

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"No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family," begins one of the U.S. Supreme Court's most memorable passages in its Friday opinion legalizing same-sex marriage. That timing made the weekend's PrideFest a celebration of joy and love, a huge civil-rights victory party and a march toward a more perfect union. And here are the gayest (gay-happy, gay-victory, just plain ol' gay) things that happened there. All gay photos by Steve Truesdell. See also: 9 Awesome Couples and Families at St. Louis' PrideFest.
OF 27
Fringe dresses are gayer than picnic baskets.
Parades are gay.
Baton-twirling is for sure gay.
Yellow balloons from the St. Louis Balloon Brigade are gay.
And so are the red ones.
It'd be just another parade without a gay pole dancer.
Seriously, America has never been gayer.
Monsanto, a corporate sponsor, is also gay.
Painting your face is mega gay.
Xena is a warrior princess. And also very, very gay.
Isaac and Trevor look like they might break into a big, gay tango at any moment.
These signs are gay. And also spot-on.
The best, gayest dancing is spontaneous dancing.
Gay love is love.
Growing American Youth -- or GAY -- is an organization for LGBT young people.
Dustin Lee represented all of the bears, who are gay, this weekend.
Just ask Jay Johnson how gay leather is.
Alpha and beta dogs are still quite gay.
Gay jews are also gay. And supported by those such as Rabbi Scot Slarskey.
This has got to be the gayest rifle of all time.
Gay on wheels.
Pronouns can be gay.
Aaron Finnegan is Mr. Pride 2015. Gay.
This car is fabulously gay.
Sunglasses don't get much gayer than these.
Cupcakes are gay. Here's another Cupcakes, of husband-and-wife duo Hank & Cupcakes, out of Brooklyn.
Fringe dresses are gayer than picnic baskets.