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That's Enough Questions, Hoser


The childhood dream of becoming either a kung-fu cowboy or a fireman was quashed long ago; Mr. Night's kung fu is weak, and he prefers starting fires (usually with a magnifying glass) to stopping them. But these moral failings in no way lessen his admiration for the mighty smoke-eater. And so expect Mr. Night to be lurking about the Fire Engine Rally at the City Museum (701 North 15th Street; 314-231-2489 or today. Real firemen and their trusty fire trucks congregate in the parking lot, allowing a curious public to check out the specialized vehicles firsthand. We'll leave the magnifying glass at home to avoid any unnecessary temptation, but Mr. Night will bring his big book of questions. Like: How do you decide who gets to drive the truck? And does the driver or the front-seat passenger control the sirens? And what's the deal with the Dalmatians? Oh, so many questions. Admission to the Fire Engine Rally is free, unless you wish to park in the lot. And once you've satisfied your curiosity about the lack of fire poles in public buildings (don't you think that would be a boss way to leave work every day?), how are you going to resist actually entering the City Museum? Best bring the $12 necessary for admission.
Sat., July 15