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That Lecture Is Poison


When Ms. Day first saw that the Saint Louis Science Center (5050 Oakland Avenue; 314-289-4400 or was acknowledging National Poison Prevention Week, she was quite dismayed. She didn’t know if the event planners over there wanted to devote an entire week to stopping people from enjoying Bell Biv DeVoe’s classic track, or if they wanted to help the public avoid Bret Michaels. Either way, Ms. Day didn’t like it (fine, pouty-mouth Bret’s a little, um, odd now — what with the cowboy motif and all — but “Talk Dirty to Me” still rawks). You can imagine her relief when she discovered that the Science Center was really trying to teach folks about actual poison — you know, the stuff that can kill you. Whew. During today’s poison-prevention Lunch & Learn presentation at noon, “Poison Ivy” Tominack elucidates the ever-important differences between poisons and their similar-looking, safe counterparts. It’ll be nothin’ but a good time — how can you resist? Especially since it’s free (parking, too).
Thu., March 22