That Is the Dawn (Cela s'appelle l'aurore)

Rated NR 102 minutes

Luis Buñuel's Cela S'Appelle L'Aurore was briefly released in English-speaking countries as That is the Dawn. The story concerns a humane doctor (Georges Marchal) who is aghast at how the residents of a small Island near Corsica are being exploited by a cruel factory owner. Unfortunately, the doctor is unable to extend his concern to his wife, who walks out on him. The arrival of a beautiful stranger (Lucia Bose) and the death of a close friend galvanize the doctor into taking direct action against the villain. The film's anti-capitalist, anti-aristocracy stance is very much in keeping with Buñuel's better-known works. Even so, Cela S'Appelle L'Aurore is a more conventional film than one might expect from its director.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Luis Bunuel

Writer: Emmanuel Roblès

Cast: Georges Marchal, Lucia Bosé, Julien Bertheau, Jean-Jacques Delbo, Simone Paris, Robert Le Fort, Brigitte Elloy, Pascal Mazzotti, Jane Morlet and Gaston Modot

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